A Look Back: Shanu and Aman

One of the things that we strive to do is help our brides make informed decisions, from how to choose a videographer to how to make the most of your wedding video (and if there's anything else you'd like us to write about, please let us know). Sometimes it's nice to hear someone speak from a different perspective. Someone who's just been in your situation that you can relate to. Shanu was one of our brides from 2011 (Shanu + Amanjot). She and her husband, Aman, celebrated their union with an incredible Indian wedding. Recently, we caught up with them and they were kind enough to share their thoughts.

About the celebration and the emotion of their day...

Our wedding was epic - a tremendous Indian wedding that you plan for an entire year, celebrate in a short week, and move on from in just a day. So much goes in to it all... the arrangements, the people, the chaos that in the end becomes harmony. All of this, we move on from when the jubilee is over and normal life continues. But, the emotions that we and everybody close to us felt... we are able to remember and re-live, because it was all captured.

As the bride and groom, there is so much that we miss out on in our own wedding functions, believe it or not. It really is impossible to appreciate everything that is going on around us...the laughing faces of our family and closest friends, the whimsical dance moves by our grandfathers and uncles, and the tears of bliss and grief in our parents eyes as they watch their child enter a new era of their life.

When we watch and share our video, we remember the pureness of what we all felt during our wedding celebrations, and it all comes back. We are able to reminisce, re-live and treasure those moments and play back those memories forever.

Ideally, we would have a video of every milestone in our lives together.

About the impact their video has had on them...

*** In the following video, Shanu mentions both a 'short video' and a 'long video'. The 'short video' refers to the highlights video put together by our studio. The 'long video' refers to a real-time, minute-by-minute video produced by another studio. Shanu and Aman talk a bit more about their 'long video' here.

About the differences between their highlights video and their longer minute-by-minute real-time video from another studio...

We happen to be one of the lucky ones who had the best of both worlds - a traditional 8 disc DVD collection with hours and hours of stationary camera footage, and a unique short video of subtle yet such considerable moments.

Once we became settled in our lives together, we began to watch our traditional DVD collection to take a look back at our magical wedding weekend. Sadly it was monotonous, unnecessarily detailed and...well...boring.

It was appropriate to play at our first dinner party after our wedding, as background noise. Our friends and family members tuned in and out throughout the evening. It might also be entertaining to watch pieces of the collection 30 years down the road...how funny is it to watch videography styles from the 1980's today? In our personal experience through all of the many traditional DVD collections that exist in both of our families, it can be exhausting to watch more than once, and even that, never completely.

Our wedding was a weekend of moments in time that mark the beginning of a promenade between two people; between two families...together. It was a time that will be cherished so close to so many hearts, always.

Through our short video, we experience the magic as if it is a fresh feeling every time we watch it. It is always stimulating. It is always emotional.

In a single word, it is 'timeless'.

Of all of the generous gifts that were given to us as a new couple, and of all of the money that was spent on our festivities, our short video is, incomparably, the greatest representation of our wedding. It allows us to embrace our special time forever.