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Sarah + Steven, Wedding Video Highlights from Canadian Memorial Church and The Vancouver Club

Lucky for us, fate was on our side when we received an email from Alicia Keats, one month before Sarah and Steven's wedding. The subject line of the email, word-for-word, was "Long shot wedding inquiry…for a Sunday wedding?? :)"

Last year was our busiest year to date. Looking at our schedule, we were already shooting two weddings that weekend on Friday and Saturday. Given the emotional and physical energy we invest in our weddings, did we really want to shoot three in a row?

A few emails later, the answer was a resounding 'yes'. First, Alicia is a wonderful person and an incredible wedding planner. It's really hard to say no to someone like that. Second, within those emails, we quickly learned what kind of people Sarah and Steven were. Sarah and Steven are sweethearts in every sense of the word. As people, as friends, as a couple. So how do you say no to that? You don't. We were very fortunate things came together and we were able to be a part of their wedding day.

Lastly, we just wanted to mention what great photographers Adam and Kev were to work with. We'd run into them at a couple of events previously and knew they were great guys, we just didn't know how fun and easy they'd be to work alongside. They have a very distinct style and their work is certainly worth checking out. That's their photo at the top left of the page and you can check out more photos from Sarah and Steven's wedding as they were recently featured in Real Weddings.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Sarah and Steven's Canadian Memorial Church and Vancouver Club wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Adam and Kev Photography

Wedding Planner: Alicia Keats, Alicia Keats Weddings + Events

Wedding Venue: Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace

Reception Venue: The Vancouver Club

Hair & Makeup: Emily Cheng Makeup

Florist: Garden Party Flowers

Decor: Upright Decor

Strings: Musical Occasions

Cake: Sweet Thea


Dress: Bisou Bridal

Jewels: Jeweliette

Rachel + Warren, Wedding Video Highlights from The Vancouver Club

It's a fantastic feeling being around two people that are deeply in love. The kind of love where a couple can stare into each other's eyes and the rest of the world around them melts away. This is Rachel and Warren. Every time they looked at each other they would both light up with such beautiful smiles.

Maybe it's being at The Vancouver Club? Or maybe the people that gravitate towards The Vancouver Club for their wedding share similar characteristics? It's tough to say. I just know that we're fortunate to film many of our weddings at The Vancouver Club, and we're blessed to document the most incredible moments with our couples.

Working with DreamGroup's Jayleen Deelman was indeed a dream. She has this calming personality that keeps everything running smoothly and puts everyone at ease throughout the wedding day. This was also our last wedding of the year shooting alongside Sakura Photography so it was bittersweet. We certainly look forward to working with them again soon. Once again, a special thank you to Sakura for allowing us to use their stunning images that you see above.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Rachel and Warren's Vancouver Club wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Sakura Photography

Wedding Planner: Jayleen Deelman, DreamGroup Productions

Officiant: Karen Ell

Venue: The Vancouver Club

Hair & Makeup: Yuki Lam

Florist & Decor: Delovely Creative

Strings: Musical Occasions

Cake: Anna Elizabeth Cakes

DJ: DJ Mary Mac

Dress: Mon Amie

Jewels: Jeweliette

Ashley + Jason, Wedding Video Highlights from The Vancouver Art Gallery

It was our first time shooting a wedding at The Vancouver Art Gallery and our introduction to filming inside this incredible venue was everything we could have hoped for and more.

Genève McNally from DreamGroup Productions introduced us to Ashley and Jason about a month and a half before their wedding. The first time we met in person it was only for a short time, but we could tell immediately that we were going to love working with them.

We have to share one story with you from their wedding day about Ashley's sister, Angie (who also was Ashley's Maid of Honour). Angie stood for the entire ceremony. A beautiful smile on her face, beaming with joy. But while filming the ceremony, we couldn't help but wonder why we hadn't seen her throughout the day. Later on we found out Angie was pregnant and her water had broken the night before at the rehearsal dinner. That morning she gave birth and somehow by the evening this superwoman was at her sister's side, looking absolutely radiant. What a family.

A special thank you to Genève from DreamGroup who once again put together an incredible team of wedding vendors. It really is beautiful to see what like-minded wedding vendors can accomplish when they work together. Particularly in cases likes this Vancouver Art Gallery wedding where the setup has to take place under such an incredibly tight timeline.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Ashley and Jason's Vancouver Art Gallery wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Brian Noppe Photography

Wedding Planner: Genève McNally, DreamGroup Productions

Officiants: Robert Berg & Karen Ell

Venue: The Vancouver Art Gallery

Hair: Edmond Lee

Makeup: Tanya McCool

Florist: Flowerz

Decor: Upright Decor

Strings: Musical Occasions


Photobooth: Photo Booth Vancouver

Cake: Anna Elizabeth Cakes

Transportation: Pacific Harmony Limousine

Dress: Bisou Bridal

Jewels: PALLADIO Jewellers

Kari + Chris, Wedding Video Highlights from The Vancouver Club

Kari and Chris's breathtaking wedding at The Vancouver Club is one that we will never forget.

Aurora of Alicia Keats Weddings + Events was the first one to connect us with Kari and we're so thankful she did. We ran into Kari shortly thereafter at our showcase at the Engage Bridal Show at The Vancouver Club and a few days later we were thrilled to be a part of Kari and Chris's wedding team.

While Kari meticulously crafted the plans for their wedding, Chris was studying down south so we didn't have a chance to meet him until much closer to the wedding. When we finally did, we knew immediately that they were meant to be and that their wedding would be an incredible celebration.

This was another wedding where we had a blast working alongside Leslie, Mark and Justin of Sakura Photography. They're thoughtful, fun and easy-going and their work speaks for itself. They've kindly allowed us to use some of the incredible photos from Kari and Chris's wedding in the images above, as well as for the cover photo for Kari and Chris's wedding video below. If you haven't yet done so, please do yourself a favour and check out their work.

We had the pleasure of once again working with Aurora from Alicia Keats Weddings + Events as she coordinated the day and we absolutely love working with Aurora. She goes above and beyond for every client and does an incredible job caring for and empowering every member of a client's wedding team.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Kari and Chris's Vancouver Club wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Sakura Photography

Wedding Day Coordinator: Aurora Buchanan, Alicia Keats Weddings + Events

Officiant: Terry O'Shea

Venue: The Vancouver Club

Hair: Ziggy, Bobo's Philosophy

Makeup: Tarah Kostenko

Florist: Casey Baker

Decor: Upright Decor

Strings: Musical Occasions

DJ: Rob Paul

Dress: Oscar de la Renta, Bisou Bridal

Jewels: Jenny Packham, Bisou Bridal

Benz + Richard, Wedding Video Highlights from Swan-e-Set Bay Resort + Country Club

Today we can't wait to share with you the highlights from Benz and Richard's beautiful summer wedding at the Swan-e-Set Bay Resort & Country Club.

We first had the pleasure of meeting Benz at the Brock House Wedding Show. It wasn't until much later, when we sat down to film an interview with the couple shortly before their wedding, that we had the pleasure to meet Richard. It was only after meeting them both that we realized just how lucky we were to be working with this couple. Benz and Richard live and breathe each other. You see it when they look at each other. And you can hear it when they speak to one another.

At Benz and Richard's wedding, we had our first experience working with Miranda and Reilly of Blue Olive Photography and what a fantastic experience it was. Miranda and Reilly are both so easy to get along with, which meant working alongside them was a breeze. And at the end of the day, their photography speaks for itself. They were kind enough to allow us to use some of their photos from Benz and Richard's wedding, which you'll see at the top of this blog post as well as on the cover photo for Benz and Richard's video below.

It was also our first time working alongside officiant Marilyn Knipp and that was also a lovely first experience. Marilyn did a fantastic job with the ceremony and kept everyone entertained.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Benz and Richard's Swan-e-Set wedding in Pitt Meadows, BC.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Blue Olive Photography

Officiant: Marilyn Knipp

Venue: Swan-e-Set Bay Resort & Country Club

Hair & Makeup: Kym Davidson, Mika Does Makeup

Florist: Proline Trading

Decor: Rose Chair Decor

DJ: Music Maestro DJ

Celia + Fred, Wedding Video Highlights from Brock House Restaurant

Today we're honoured to share highlights with you from Celia and Fred's wedding video at the picturesque Brock House Restaurant.

Celia and Fred are perfect for each other. They feed off of each other's sense of humour and if you were to spend just a few minutes with them, you'd know that they'll be sharing laughs for a lifetime.

Working with Celia and Fred was an exciting departure from the norm. Though Celia grew up in Vancouver, both of them currently reside in Hong Kong so we didn't have an opportunity to meet with them prior to their wedding day. However, a few moments after we'd met in person, it was clear we were going to be part of something very special.

For Celia and Fred's wedding, we were thrilled that Celia had brought on Erin Bishop of Filosophi Event Planning & Design. Whenever we work with Erin and her team, we immediately know the bride and groom are in capable hands and will be able to fully enjoy their wedding day. We also were lucky enough to work alongside Leslie and Mark of Sakura Photography. Sakura produced the stunning cover photo for Celia and Fred's video below, as well as the photos above. We're always happy to see them because not only are they great people, they're fantastic to work with and you know without a doubt that the couple will have incredible photos that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Lastly, Cailyn and her team at Delovely Creative were part of Celia and Fred's day, and they always do a brilliant job of pulling together florals and decor to suit the couple, the venue, and the occasion.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Celia and Fred's Brock House wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Sakura Photography

Wedding Planner: Erin Bishop, Filosophi Event Planning & Design

Officiant: Brent Sheppard

Venue: Brock House Restaurant

Hair & Makeup: Emily Cheng Makeup and Hair

Florist & Decor: Delovely Creative

DJ: Darren Butler

Video Highlights from Christina + Sunil's Rosewood Hotel Georgia Wedding

Christina and Sunil are such an incredible couple, and they assembled a fantastic team for their beautiful wedding at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. When Corinne, from Filosophi Event Planning & Design, initially reached out to us to see if we were available for Christina and Sunil's wedding, we were excited. Excited to work with Corinne, someone we've admired for a long time, and to know that Christina and Sunil were in such good hands. And as soon as we met Christina and Sunil, it was immediately apparent that we were going to be part of something very special.

We also had the opportunity to work alongside the very talented Melissa Gidney for the first time and can't wait to work with her again. Melissa's photos from this wedding were featured on the Elizabeth Anne Designs blog and Melissa has kindly allowed us to use some of her photos from the wedding, including the cover image (above) for Christina and Sunil's highlights video.

Lastly, this was the first of many weddings working alongside Emily Cheng this past summer. Little did we know that every weekend for a month straight we'd have the good fortune of working with Emily! She was absolutely fantastic to work with and you just could tell all of our brides felt exactly the same way.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Christina & Sunil's Rosewood Hotel Georgia wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Melissa Gidney Photography

Wedding Planner: Corinne Colledge, Filosophi Event Planning & Design

Officiant: Michele Davidson, Modern Celebrant

Venue: Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Hair & Makeup: Emily Cheng Makeup and Hair

DJ: Profound Sound

Florist: Hilary Miles Flowers

Décor: Sweet Beginnings

Cake: Sweet Thea

Video Highlights from Lindsay + Andrew's Grouse Mountain Wedding

We truly live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Lindsay & Andrew split their time between Europe and the United States. For two peo­ple that don’t live in Van­cou­ver and have only vis­ited Grouse Mountain once many years before, it speaks vol­umes that they chose Grouse out of all of the options avail­able to them.

It was our privilege to work with Lind­say and Andrew and their fam­i­lies. Beau­ti­ful peo­ple with big hearts. We feel for­tu­nate that they chose us to be a part of their day. In addition to an incredible couple, we also worked along­side some fantastic peo­ple this day. Alicia Keats of Alicia Keats Weddings + Events was amazing as always, and you'll find a list of the rest of the fantastic team below.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Lindsay & Andrew's Grouse Mountain wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: [stu-di-o] by jeanie

Wedding Planner: Alicia Keats Weddings + Events

Venue: Grouse Mountain

Hair & Makeup: Jayna Marie Makeup + Hair


Musicians: Musical Occasions

Florist: Garden Party Flowers

Décor: Trove Vintage Rentals

Cake: Sweet Thea

Dress: Casablanca

Sharzad + Digs, Wedding Video Highlights from Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

It's a rare opportunity that we get to share wedding video highlights from an incredible destination like Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Esperanza is an Auberge Resort and a member of Relais & Châteaux, an association of the world’s finest hoteliers, chefs and restaurateurs. With a resort of this caliber as the backdrop for Sharzad and Digs's wedding, it's only natural that we discovered an outstanding collection of individuals behind the event as well.

A tremendous thank you to Sharzad & Digs. Thank you for trusting and believing in us and what we do. Along with the most amazing couple, we were privileged to meet two endearing families and a fantastic collection of friends.

Sharzad is one of the incredibly talented planners at CountDown Events Planning + Design. Along with Sharzad, CountDown's founder Soha Lavin was the other beautiful mind behind this wedding. When we originally spoke with them, we were immediately excited and humbled to be a part of Sharzad's wedding. While we were there, we also had a chance to work alongside a few other extraordinary talents, including photographers CHRIS+LYNN, floral designer Elena Damy and hair stylist & makeup artist Nadia Albano.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Sharzad & Digs's wedding at Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: CHRIS+LYNN | Destination Wedding Photographers

Wedding Planner: CountDown Events Planning + Design

Venue: Esperanza: An Auberge Resort

Hair & Makeup: Nadia Albano Style Inc.

Florist: Elena Damy

Décor: Delcabo Event Design

Dress: Bisou Bridal

Jewels: Elsa Corsi & Jeweliette

Stationary: Wintons Social Stationery

Esperanza Resort Mexico - Sharzad & Digs

Amanda + Brian, Wedding Video Highlights from the Fairmont Pacific Rim

Today we're excited to share highlights from Amanda and Brian's wedding video at the impeccable Fairmont Pacific Rim.

Amanda and Brian are an adorable couple. Watching them, you can see the love that they have for each other. And that undoubtedly is the result of the incredible upbringing by their parents, Craig and Carrie (Amanda's parents) and Sylvia and David (Brian's parents).

One of the things that excited us about working with Amanda and Brian was how they both honoured their tradition and found a way to express what was in their hearts. A long time ago Amanda and Brian decided that they would exchange hand-written letters on their wedding day. This way they could experience their traditional Jewish ceremony and still find a way to voice what was in their hearts. Especially on this day of all days.

Once again, we were thankful to be part of an incredible team for Amanda and Brian's wedding. We look forward to several weddings this year with wedding planner extraordinaire Alicia Keats and her team at Alicia Keats Weddings + Events. Camille and Chadwick Bensler of Jonetsu Studios are responsible for the beautiful images in this post and should definitely be first on your list. Gloria Cheung from The Flower Factory always creates floral magic with a smile. And lastly, if you're looking to dance the night away, there's nothing like a live band. And when it comes to live bands, there's nothing like Famous Players Band.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Amanda and Brian's wedding at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Jonetsu Studios

Wedding Planner: Alicia Keats Weddings + Events

Venue: Fairmont Pacific Rim

Officiant: Rabbi Rosenblatt

Floral: The Flower Factory

Decor: Upright Decor

Band: Famous Players Band

Makeup Artist: Ariana Q

Hair Stylist: Levista Salon

Fairmont Pacific Rim Wedding - Amanda & Brian

Fairmont Pacific Rim Wedding - Amanda & Brian

The Vancouver Club's Engage 2013 Boutique Bridal Showcase :: Video Highlights

On January 20th, 2013, The Vancouver Club opened the doors to Engage 2013, the Club's second annual boutique bridal showcase. Forty of Vancouver's most sought after wedding professionals were selected for this year's event, and Vincent + Theo Studios was privileged to be among them.

Engage featured incredible floral displays and unforgettable decor, as well as a live run­way show fea­tur­ing cou­ture wed­ding fash­ions by Blush Bridal. In addition to an array of visual masterpieces, your remaining senses were privy to an assortment of musicians, deejays and culinary delights. Every corner presented another opportunity to experience something refreshingly new.

We hope you had an opportunity to take in the show this year. If not, drop by next year and experience a wedding showcase that is truly second to none.

Please enjoy the highlights from this year's Engage Boutique Bridal Showcase and we encour­age you to leave a com­ment below.


Engage 2013 Wedding Professionals

Engage 2013 at the Vancouver Club, Ultimate Limousine

Engage 2013 at the Vancouver Club, Ultimate Limousine

Exterior of The Vancouver Club

with Ultimate Limousine

Photo by Leanne Pedersen Photographers

Engage 2013 at the Vancouver Club, Flower Factory & Lonsdale Event Rentals
Engage 2013 at the Vancouver Club, Flower Factory & Lonsdale Event Rentals

The Grand Ballroom

with The Flower Factory &

Lonsdale Event Rentals

Photo by Jonetsu Studios

Engage 2013 at the Vancouver Club, Blush Bridal
Engage 2013 at the Vancouver Club, Blush Bridal

Engage Couture Bridal Show

with Blush Bridal

Photo by Sweet Pea Photography

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Engage 2013 Wedding Showcase Video Highlights
Engage 2013 Wedding Showcase Video Highlights

Engage 2013, The Vancouver Club's Boutique Bridal Showcase

Engage 2013, The Vancouver Club

Engage 2013, The Vancouver Club

Winner of the Best Wedding Reception Venue at the 2012 BC Wedding Awards, The Vancouver Club hosts its second annual boutique bridal showcase "Engage" on Sunday, January 20th, 2013.

Thirty-eight of Vancouver's most creative and distinguished bridal professionals gather by invitation only and Vincent + Theo Studios is honoured to be included. The showcase will include a live runway show featuring couture wedding fashions by Blush Bridal, as well as a floral gallery, cake gallery, bridal gallery, mini spa and beauty room, wine tastings, signature cocktail tastings, canapés and chef station, live music and lavish prizes.

The Vancouver Club holds a special place in our hearts. As a venue it exudes elegance. And each time we are fortunate enough to create a film from within the Club walls, something magical occurs. It has an incredibly unique combination of history and timelessness that instantly opens the doors to an unforgettable evening.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the most exquisite decor and floral arrangements against the backdrop of the Vancouver Club, and your chance to become acquainted with the top wedding professionals in Vancouver.


at The Vancouver Club Sunday, January 20th

Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm Fashion shows at 12:00pm and 2:00pm

Location: 915 West Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C. V6C 1C6 Canada 604 685 9321

Tickets: $35 per person, available online Purchase Tickets


Engage 2013 Wedding Professionals


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Sarah + Riley, Wedding Video Highlights from Grouse Mountain and The Vancouver Club

Today we're thrilled to share with you the highlights from Sarah and Riley's wedding video. All of the locations were stunning. The Fairmont Pacific Rim where the ladies' spent the morning. Riley's parents' home in West Vancouver where the gentlemen met up. The picturesque backdrop from sea to sky atop Grouse Mountain for the ceremony. And the reception at The Vancouver Club which...well, simply defines elegance.

In addition to these beautiful settings, we were surrounded by wonderful people: Sarah and Riley, their wedding party, and their families.

Sarah and Riley are both medical professionals who are incredibly fit (who does the Grouse Grind the day before their wedding? And gets their wedding party to do it with them?). Riley, who's had family members affected by Prostate Cancer, has run across Canada — yes that's right, the entire country — to raise funds for Prostate Cancer research and increase awareness (please take a moment to check out Step Into Action to learn more about Riley's incredible journey and how you can help).

Their wedding day was special because of all of these things and one more in particular: Sarah and Riley, and their family and friends, are simply great people. Great human beings. And those are the kind of people that are truly amazing to work with and to be around.

Sarah and Riley not only adore one another, they love life. And they're surrounded by wonderful, loving friends and family. You can see it in their eyes. And you can feel it when they speak to you. And that alone is contagious and energizes everyone around them.

We were privileged to also work with an amazing team that day. Geneve McNally and her team from DreamGroup Productions who seems to simply attract 'dream' couples. Camille & Chadwick Bensler of Jonetsu Photography who we can't help but admire and whose client-first philosophy parallels our own. Melanie Tremblay from Mink Makeup and Hair who is the definition of a true professional. Andrew Cooper of Grouse Mountain who was incredibly helpful with our pre-production planning. And Jenny De Jong of The Vancouver Club who is so good at what she does, you just naturally expect excellence.

We hope you enjoy this short film from Sarah and Riley's wedding atop Grouse Mountain and at The Vancouver Club, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.


Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Jonetsu Photography

Wedding Planner: DreamGroup Productions

Venues: Ceremony at Grouse Mountain

Reception at The Vancouver Club

Officiant: Father Conor McGrath, Floral & Decor: Delovely Creative

String Quartet: Musical Occasions

Band: The Young Executives

Hair & Makeup: Mink Makeup + Hair

Dress: Vera Wang

Wedding Cake: Anna Elizabeth Cakes

Erin + Jason, Wedding Video Highlights from Brix Restaurant

We're excited to share with you the highlights from Erin and Jason's wedding video! All of the festivities took place at Brix Restaurant in downtown Vancouver. Brix is a great location for an intimate wedding. As soon as their helpful staff close the weighted curtain, the space transports you to a different place and time. Away from the city, but still right in the heart of it. And the food is always fantastic. At Erin and Jason's wedding, one of the incredible details was the origami cranes that Erin folded. Partly because they were a beautiful addition to the decor, and partly because she folded over a thousand of them. According to Erin, it's a Japanese tradition often done for weddings and the person that folds the cranes is said to be granted a wish from 'the crane', such as a long life or a happy marriage. After folding that many, we think she deserves both a long life AND a happy marriage!

Erin and Jason were a fantastic couple to work with, and it was obvious that everyone else thought so too. Actually, the entire atmosphere was easy-going, fun and dare-I-say a little bit offside (in only the best way possible!). It was perfect.

Lastly, we were privileged to work alongside some great people that are simply fantastic at what they do. Jenna Smith of Revel Events is an incredibly calming influence to have at any wedding. She was also instrumental in hanging the curtain of origami cranes. Anna and Kasia of Gucio Photography were a joy to work with and produced some gorgeous photos.

We hope you enjoy this short film from Erin and Jason's intimate wedding at Brix Restaurant in Vancouver. Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like.


Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: gucio photography

Wedding Planner: Revel Events

Venue: Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar

Decor: Lavish Floral & Gifts

Floral Arrangements: The Flower Factory


Officiant: Patrick of Just Breathe Weddings


Music licensed through The Music Bed

Danielle + Jorden, Wedding Video Highlights from The Vancouver Club

We wanted to share the highlights from Danielle and Jorden's wedding video with you, one of our favourites so far from 2012. It was an incredible day at The Vancouver Club in downtown Vancouver. The weather co-operated beautifully, and Danielle and Jorden were a joy to work with. We were truly honoured to be part of their special day. Danielle and Jorden had an amazing vision for their wedding. They put so much thought into the details, that when it came time for their vows it was obvious they had chosen their words with the same amount of care. So how could we not include them in the highlights?

Not only did we get to work with a fantastic couple in Danielle and Jorden, but we got to work alongside some of our favourites! Genève McNally of DreamGroup Productions, Melia and Jules from Lucida Photography, Jenny De Jong of The Vancouver Club...the list just keeps going!

We hope you enjoy this short film from Danielle and Jorden's stunning wedding at The Vancouver Club. Feel free to leave a comment if you like.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Lucida Photography

Wedding Planner: DreamGroup Productions,

Venue: The Vancouver Club

Officiant: Karen Ell

Floral & Decor: FLOWERZ

DJ: GirlOnWax

Photo Booth: Photobooth Vancouver

Hair & Makeup: Jayna Marie Makeup + Hair

Dress: Custom Amsale from Blush Bridal

Jewellery: Elsa Corsi

Transportation: Ritz Limousines

Wedding Cake: The Uncommon Cake


Music licensed through The Music Bed.

Wedding Show Vancouver : 2012 Dare to Dream Bridal Show at the Pan Pacific

Last Sunday brides-to-be arrived with friends and family (and even some grooms-to-be!) to experience the Dare to Dream Wedding Show Vancouver. This was the second year of the show, produced by Something Borrowed Wedding & Event Planning, and held at the stunning Pan Pacific Vancouver.

This year the show promised an exclusive collection of wedding suppliers and it certainly didn't disappoint.

I actually stopped by the Pan Pacific's Ocean View Ballroom the day before. I wanted to get a feel for the space and the lighting. From what I saw, it was a simple space. Your classic hotel ballroom. Mind you, your typical ballroom doesn't offer a spectacular view of Vancouver Harbour. There were also a bunch of rectangular tables placed around the edges of the room and a small, square dance floor, but otherwise nothing noteworthy outside of the view.

Ganache Patisserie's Macaron Favours at the Dare to Dream Wedding Show Vancouver
Ganache Patisserie's Macaron Favours at the Dare to Dream Wedding Show Vancouver

When I arrived the following day, I was absolutely amazed to see how it had transformed. Or rather, how Upright Decor & Design and Tala Florist had transformed it. Colin, Ingrid, Jay & their team from Upright Decor & Design had obviously been working overtime, doing an incredible job transforming the space into a visual feast. And Hassan & Louisa from Tala Florist came in to put on the finishing touches with some gorgeous floral arrangements.

Soon DJ Leanne from GirlOnWax arrived to set the mood. Peter Fong of Ganache Patisserie carefully constructed a pyramid of tasty take-home treats (see photo). And Angela of Photobooth Vancouver had show-goers eager to test out their Portrait Station.

It's easy to see why everyone was so happy to mingle and chat about everything bridal!

In addition to the collection of elite wedding suppliers, attendees were treated to a beautiful bridal show. The show featured gorgeous bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses and men's suits. Bridal wear was provided by the unmistakable Bisou Bridal, bridesmaids dresses from Wear Else, and the suits from Brooks Brothers.

The last thing I'll mention is the one thing I personally like most about this particular wedding has a heart. It's one thing to experience a fantastic wedding show that delights you with sights, sounds and tastes. It's another to know that your participation (as an attendee or vendor) also benefits a good cause. The proceeds from the Dare to Dream Bridal Show are donated to Canuck Place Children's Hospice. Canuck Place is an amazing organization that supports children and families that need and deserve help.

A special thank you to Arezoo Aliperti of Something Borrowed Wedding & Event Planning. Arezoo is the producer of the Dare to Dream Wedding Show. It's her passion that fuels this event and the support of Canuck Place.


Bisou Bridal

Brooks Brothers

Daniela Ciuffa Photography

DJ Leanne, GirlOnWax

Elegant Designs by Sheila

Ganache Patisserie

Hair & Make up By Maryam Collahi

Invite Avenue

It Works!

Legacy Liqour Store

Love Out Loud Studios

Lugaro Jewellers

Luxe Beauty Lounge

Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel

Passion Parties

Perfect Shot Studio

Photobooth Vancouver

Real Weddings Magazine

Something Borrowed Wedding & Event Planning

Stephita Wedding Invitation

Tala Florist

The Bridery

Travels Best Bets

The OC Spa

Ultimate Limousine

Upright Decor & Design

Vincent + Theo Studios

Wear Else

Music licensed through The Music Bed.

A Look Back: Shanu and Aman

One of the things that we strive to do is help our brides make informed decisions, from how to choose a videographer to how to make the most of your wedding video (and if there's anything else you'd like us to write about, please let us know). Sometimes it's nice to hear someone speak from a different perspective. Someone who's just been in your situation that you can relate to. Shanu was one of our brides from 2011 (Shanu + Amanjot). She and her husband, Aman, celebrated their union with an incredible Indian wedding. Recently, we caught up with them and they were kind enough to share their thoughts.

About the celebration and the emotion of their day...

Our wedding was epic - a tremendous Indian wedding that you plan for an entire year, celebrate in a short week, and move on from in just a day. So much goes in to it all... the arrangements, the people, the chaos that in the end becomes harmony. All of this, we move on from when the jubilee is over and normal life continues. But, the emotions that we and everybody close to us felt... we are able to remember and re-live, because it was all captured.

As the bride and groom, there is so much that we miss out on in our own wedding functions, believe it or not. It really is impossible to appreciate everything that is going on around us...the laughing faces of our family and closest friends, the whimsical dance moves by our grandfathers and uncles, and the tears of bliss and grief in our parents eyes as they watch their child enter a new era of their life.

When we watch and share our video, we remember the pureness of what we all felt during our wedding celebrations, and it all comes back. We are able to reminisce, re-live and treasure those moments and play back those memories forever.

Ideally, we would have a video of every milestone in our lives together.

About the impact their video has had on them...

*** In the following video, Shanu mentions both a 'short video' and a 'long video'. The 'short video' refers to the highlights video put together by our studio. The 'long video' refers to a real-time, minute-by-minute video produced by another studio. Shanu and Aman talk a bit more about their 'long video' here.

About the differences between their highlights video and their longer minute-by-minute real-time video from another studio...

We happen to be one of the lucky ones who had the best of both worlds - a traditional 8 disc DVD collection with hours and hours of stationary camera footage, and a unique short video of subtle yet such considerable moments.

Once we became settled in our lives together, we began to watch our traditional DVD collection to take a look back at our magical wedding weekend. Sadly it was monotonous, unnecessarily detailed and...well...boring.

It was appropriate to play at our first dinner party after our wedding, as background noise. Our friends and family members tuned in and out throughout the evening. It might also be entertaining to watch pieces of the collection 30 years down the funny is it to watch videography styles from the 1980's today? In our personal experience through all of the many traditional DVD collections that exist in both of our families, it can be exhausting to watch more than once, and even that, never completely.

Our wedding was a weekend of moments in time that mark the beginning of a promenade between two people; between two families...together. It was a time that will be cherished so close to so many hearts, always.

Through our short video, we experience the magic as if it is a fresh feeling every time we watch it. It is always stimulating. It is always emotional.

In a single word, it is 'timeless'.

Of all of the generous gifts that were given to us as a new couple, and of all of the money that was spent on our festivities, our short video is, incomparably, the greatest representation of our wedding. It allows us to embrace our special time forever.

10 Tips to Take Your Wedding Film from Average to Amazing

Sometimes as I'm reviewing footage from a recent wedding I'll say to myself, "Arrgh, why did the bride/groom do that?" Or the remarkably similar, "Arrrgh, why DIDN'T the bride/groom do that?"

Don't get me wrong, it's never a matter of someone ruining the day.

But a certain shot? Definitely.

And many times it's that shot that would have added so much to the mood or the depth of your story. Or it's an otherwise gorgeous shot that just never ends up making the cut.

Why does this happen?

Most often, the couple just simply didn't know. And that's perfectly understandable. In fact, it's my fault.

Unless you happen to create wedding films in your spare time, how would you know?

You wouldn't. And that's why I decided to write this post.

To share with you the 10 best ways to take your wedding film from average to amazing!

  1. Warn your filmmaker throughout the day of upcoming events. Cake cutting, garter/bouqet, toasts, special dances. Really, anything that you might want recorded. Better yet, ask someone you trust (wedding planner, family member, friend) to alert your filmmaker whenever something important is coming up. Just a small, 5-minute warning will ensure we're in the right place at the right time to capture your moment perfectly.
  2. Don’t chew gum. We know you’re nervous and feel the need to be busy (and fresh breath on this of all days is no doubt important), but chewing gum ensures you look more Major League Baseball Player and less Kate Middleton. This goes for the wedding party too.
  3. Tell your wedding party & parents that we’re coming. Let them know that we don't expect them to put on a show. They should just be themselves. We're there to capture your wedding day as it naturally unfolds, spontaneous and unscripted.
  4. Talk. Have conversations with your family and friends. Chat about how you met, how the proposal went, what has gone into planning your wedding, etc. Don't force anything, but don't shy away from sharing how you feel.
  5. Turn down the radio/iPod while you're getting ready. It’s common for the girls to blast a wedding mix while doing hair and make-up, but this can easily mask a powerful piece of dialog that would add another layer to your story. It also creates an awkward background noise when a cinematic soundtrack is applied later (think David Guetta meets "The Notebook").
  6. Exchange gifts. Add a special moment to your day by giving each other gifts. You can have a bridesmaid/groomsman deliver them. It's a fantastic way to connect with one another on your incredible day, when you're in completely different rooms/areas/buildings.
  7. Have a first look. Your photographer will likely suggest the same thing. Seeing each other before the ceremony helps you with your nerves and creates a wonderful opportunity for you two to just say “Hi”. It's also an opportunity to capture the two of you alone which, believe it or not, is a rarity on your wedding day.
  8. Take a deep breath. When it comes time to deliver your vows take a deep breath, look into each other's eyes, and deliver your words from the heart. If you're writing your own vows, just remember that a little preparation and practice will go a long, long way. Make it count.
  9. The toasts. Ask your Best Man or Maid of Honour to not only talk about you as a person, but also about you as a couple. Have them share their thoughts on you two finding each other and getting married.
  10. Stay together. It’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to split up once the reception is underway. Grooms, get out there and dance with your new wife! Your wedding day is finally here, enjoy it together.

If you happen to have a suggestion, feel free to share!

How to Preserve that Emotional High from Your Wedding Day

Where does your wedding video stand in your priority list? If you're like most people, it's probably somewhere near the bottom.

It's one of those things that'd be nice, but is the first thing to go when the budget starts getting tight (okay, maybe releasing white doves is the first thing to go, but the wedding video isn't far behind).

But don't worry. Almost everyone makes this same mistake.

As the bride-to-be, you've spent your entire life waiting for and planning your wedding day. And as the groom-to-be, you may not have spent your entire life thinking about it, but let's admit that it's crossed your mind from time to time.

There are very few days in your life where you will invest so much thought, time and energy. Days that culminate with such overwhelming joy and happiness, celebrating with your closest friends and family.

But what happens after that amazing day, as the two of you ride off into the sunset?

The memories and that fantastic wedding afterglow fade with time.

You'll always remember being at your wedding. That goes without saying. But short of having a photographic memory, it's just not possible for you to remember all the little things that made that day so incredibly special.

But guess what? A wedding video can.

Video encapsulates that vibrant energy, that emotion. It packages that wonderful emotional high.

While wedding photos will preserve certain moments in time, a wedding video transports you back in time. It's like being there all over again. Reliving each of those incredible moments. A skilled videographer can help ensure those precious moments and that afterglow of the emotional high are with you for the rest of your life.

So, how important is a wedding video in your list of priorities?

In the end only you can decide.

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5 Tips to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Choosing your wedding videographer, just like choosing your photographer, isn't easy. Your wedding video is one of those things that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

And having something you enjoy watching is the difference between making an "investment" in your wedding video or having your video simply be another wedding "expense".

Just like anything else, the more homework you do...the better your chance of a great result in the end.

A colleague, Paul Watton of Perfect Pair Media, put together a great article that should help point you in the right direction...5 Tips to consider when choosing a wedding Videographer