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Sarah + Steven, Wedding Video Highlights from Canadian Memorial Church and The Vancouver Club

Lucky for us, fate was on our side when we received an email from Alicia Keats, one month before Sarah and Steven's wedding. The subject line of the email, word-for-word, was "Long shot wedding inquiry…for a Sunday wedding?? :)"

Last year was our busiest year to date. Looking at our schedule, we were already shooting two weddings that weekend on Friday and Saturday. Given the emotional and physical energy we invest in our weddings, did we really want to shoot three in a row?

A few emails later, the answer was a resounding 'yes'. First, Alicia is a wonderful person and an incredible wedding planner. It's really hard to say no to someone like that. Second, within those emails, we quickly learned what kind of people Sarah and Steven were. Sarah and Steven are sweethearts in every sense of the word. As people, as friends, as a couple. So how do you say no to that? You don't. We were very fortunate things came together and we were able to be a part of their wedding day.

Lastly, we just wanted to mention what great photographers Adam and Kev were to work with. We'd run into them at a couple of events previously and knew they were great guys, we just didn't know how fun and easy they'd be to work alongside. They have a very distinct style and their work is certainly worth checking out. That's their photo at the top left of the page and you can check out more photos from Sarah and Steven's wedding as they were recently featured in Real Weddings.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Sarah and Steven's Canadian Memorial Church and Vancouver Club wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Adam and Kev Photography

Wedding Planner: Alicia Keats, Alicia Keats Weddings + Events

Wedding Venue: Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace

Reception Venue: The Vancouver Club

Hair & Makeup: Emily Cheng Makeup

Florist: Garden Party Flowers

Decor: Upright Decor

Strings: Musical Occasions

Cake: Sweet Thea


Dress: Bisou Bridal

Jewels: Jeweliette

Rachel + Warren, Wedding Video Highlights from The Vancouver Club

It's a fantastic feeling being around two people that are deeply in love. The kind of love where a couple can stare into each other's eyes and the rest of the world around them melts away. This is Rachel and Warren. Every time they looked at each other they would both light up with such beautiful smiles.

Maybe it's being at The Vancouver Club? Or maybe the people that gravitate towards The Vancouver Club for their wedding share similar characteristics? It's tough to say. I just know that we're fortunate to film many of our weddings at The Vancouver Club, and we're blessed to document the most incredible moments with our couples.

Working with DreamGroup's Jayleen Deelman was indeed a dream. She has this calming personality that keeps everything running smoothly and puts everyone at ease throughout the wedding day. This was also our last wedding of the year shooting alongside Sakura Photography so it was bittersweet. We certainly look forward to working with them again soon. Once again, a special thank you to Sakura for allowing us to use their stunning images that you see above.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Rachel and Warren's Vancouver Club wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Sakura Photography

Wedding Planner: Jayleen Deelman, DreamGroup Productions

Officiant: Karen Ell

Venue: The Vancouver Club

Hair & Makeup: Yuki Lam

Florist & Decor: Delovely Creative

Strings: Musical Occasions

Cake: Anna Elizabeth Cakes

DJ: DJ Mary Mac

Dress: Mon Amie

Jewels: Jeweliette

Kari + Chris, Wedding Video Highlights from The Vancouver Club

Kari and Chris's breathtaking wedding at The Vancouver Club is one that we will never forget.

Aurora of Alicia Keats Weddings + Events was the first one to connect us with Kari and we're so thankful she did. We ran into Kari shortly thereafter at our showcase at the Engage Bridal Show at The Vancouver Club and a few days later we were thrilled to be a part of Kari and Chris's wedding team.

While Kari meticulously crafted the plans for their wedding, Chris was studying down south so we didn't have a chance to meet him until much closer to the wedding. When we finally did, we knew immediately that they were meant to be and that their wedding would be an incredible celebration.

This was another wedding where we had a blast working alongside Leslie, Mark and Justin of Sakura Photography. They're thoughtful, fun and easy-going and their work speaks for itself. They've kindly allowed us to use some of the incredible photos from Kari and Chris's wedding in the images above, as well as for the cover photo for Kari and Chris's wedding video below. If you haven't yet done so, please do yourself a favour and check out their work.

We had the pleasure of once again working with Aurora from Alicia Keats Weddings + Events as she coordinated the day and we absolutely love working with Aurora. She goes above and beyond for every client and does an incredible job caring for and empowering every member of a client's wedding team.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from Kari and Chris's Vancouver Club wedding in Vancouver, BC, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Sakura Photography

Wedding Day Coordinator: Aurora Buchanan, Alicia Keats Weddings + Events

Officiant: Terry O'Shea

Venue: The Vancouver Club

Hair: Ziggy, Bobo's Philosophy

Makeup: Tarah Kostenko

Florist: Casey Baker

Decor: Upright Decor

Strings: Musical Occasions

DJ: Rob Paul

Dress: Oscar de la Renta, Bisou Bridal

Jewels: Jenny Packham, Bisou Bridal

Engage 2013, The Vancouver Club's Boutique Bridal Showcase

Engage 2013, The Vancouver Club

Engage 2013, The Vancouver Club

Winner of the Best Wedding Reception Venue at the 2012 BC Wedding Awards, The Vancouver Club hosts its second annual boutique bridal showcase "Engage" on Sunday, January 20th, 2013.

Thirty-eight of Vancouver's most creative and distinguished bridal professionals gather by invitation only and Vincent + Theo Studios is honoured to be included. The showcase will include a live runway show featuring couture wedding fashions by Blush Bridal, as well as a floral gallery, cake gallery, bridal gallery, mini spa and beauty room, wine tastings, signature cocktail tastings, canapés and chef station, live music and lavish prizes.

The Vancouver Club holds a special place in our hearts. As a venue it exudes elegance. And each time we are fortunate enough to create a film from within the Club walls, something magical occurs. It has an incredibly unique combination of history and timelessness that instantly opens the doors to an unforgettable evening.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the most exquisite decor and floral arrangements against the backdrop of the Vancouver Club, and your chance to become acquainted with the top wedding professionals in Vancouver.


at The Vancouver Club Sunday, January 20th

Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm Fashion shows at 12:00pm and 2:00pm

Location: 915 West Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C. V6C 1C6 Canada 604 685 9321

Tickets: $35 per person, available online Purchase Tickets


Engage 2013 Wedding Professionals


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Sarah + Riley, Wedding Video Highlights from Grouse Mountain and The Vancouver Club

Today we're thrilled to share with you the highlights from Sarah and Riley's wedding video. All of the locations were stunning. The Fairmont Pacific Rim where the ladies' spent the morning. Riley's parents' home in West Vancouver where the gentlemen met up. The picturesque backdrop from sea to sky atop Grouse Mountain for the ceremony. And the reception at The Vancouver Club which...well, simply defines elegance.

In addition to these beautiful settings, we were surrounded by wonderful people: Sarah and Riley, their wedding party, and their families.

Sarah and Riley are both medical professionals who are incredibly fit (who does the Grouse Grind the day before their wedding? And gets their wedding party to do it with them?). Riley, who's had family members affected by Prostate Cancer, has run across Canada — yes that's right, the entire country — to raise funds for Prostate Cancer research and increase awareness (please take a moment to check out Step Into Action to learn more about Riley's incredible journey and how you can help).

Their wedding day was special because of all of these things and one more in particular: Sarah and Riley, and their family and friends, are simply great people. Great human beings. And those are the kind of people that are truly amazing to work with and to be around.

Sarah and Riley not only adore one another, they love life. And they're surrounded by wonderful, loving friends and family. You can see it in their eyes. And you can feel it when they speak to you. And that alone is contagious and energizes everyone around them.

We were privileged to also work with an amazing team that day. Geneve McNally and her team from DreamGroup Productions who seems to simply attract 'dream' couples. Camille & Chadwick Bensler of Jonetsu Photography who we can't help but admire and whose client-first philosophy parallels our own. Melanie Tremblay from Mink Makeup and Hair who is the definition of a true professional. Andrew Cooper of Grouse Mountain who was incredibly helpful with our pre-production planning. And Jenny De Jong of The Vancouver Club who is so good at what she does, you just naturally expect excellence.

We hope you enjoy this short film from Sarah and Riley's wedding atop Grouse Mountain and at The Vancouver Club, and we encourage you to leave a comment below.


Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Jonetsu Photography

Wedding Planner: DreamGroup Productions

Venues: Ceremony at Grouse Mountain

Reception at The Vancouver Club

Officiant: Father Conor McGrath, Floral & Decor: Delovely Creative

String Quartet: Musical Occasions

Band: The Young Executives

Hair & Makeup: Mink Makeup + Hair

Dress: Vera Wang

Wedding Cake: Anna Elizabeth Cakes

Danielle + Jorden, Wedding Video Highlights from The Vancouver Club

We wanted to share the highlights from Danielle and Jorden's wedding video with you, one of our favourites so far from 2012. It was an incredible day at The Vancouver Club in downtown Vancouver. The weather co-operated beautifully, and Danielle and Jorden were a joy to work with. We were truly honoured to be part of their special day. Danielle and Jorden had an amazing vision for their wedding. They put so much thought into the details, that when it came time for their vows it was obvious they had chosen their words with the same amount of care. So how could we not include them in the highlights?

Not only did we get to work with a fantastic couple in Danielle and Jorden, but we got to work alongside some of our favourites! Genève McNally of DreamGroup Productions, Melia and Jules from Lucida Photography, Jenny De Jong of The Vancouver Club...the list just keeps going!

We hope you enjoy this short film from Danielle and Jorden's stunning wedding at The Vancouver Club. Feel free to leave a comment if you like.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Lucida Photography

Wedding Planner: DreamGroup Productions,

Venue: The Vancouver Club

Officiant: Karen Ell

Floral & Decor: FLOWERZ

DJ: GirlOnWax

Photo Booth: Photobooth Vancouver

Hair & Makeup: Jayna Marie Makeup + Hair

Dress: Custom Amsale from Blush Bridal

Jewellery: Elsa Corsi

Transportation: Ritz Limousines

Wedding Cake: The Uncommon Cake


Music licensed through The Music Bed.