Amanjot + Shanu, Bollywood Banquet Hall Wedding Video

I finally understood. I've heard an Indian bride's family speak about the roller coaster of emotions that they experience during a wedding. I've even attended other Indian weddings where I've known the couple getting married. But I've never understood it.

I'm used to the more traditional North American style weddings. The "happiest day of our lives" kind of event. So I never understood why it wasn't simply a joyous occasion for Indian families.

This time, though, I experienced it on a much more personal level. Shanu is like family to me. And for the first time, I could relate. I could feel the joy and celebration of her new life with Amanjot and his family. And I could relate to the heartache as the family she grew up with let her go to begin a new chapter of her life.

And it was a beautiful thing.

As with many Indian weddings, Amanjot and Shanu's festivities occurred over the course of a week. Events were held at Crown Palace Banquet Hall, Khalsa Diwan Society Ross Gurdwara, and Bollywood Banquet Hall. They also hosted several events at their personal residences. Kudos to Sunny at Sunam Event Services who did a fantastic job transforming the venues with lavish decor.

UPDATE March 5, 2012:

After almost nine months, we caught up with Shanu and Aman. And they were more than willing to share their thoughts on their wedding video. They talked about the moments their video helped them re-live and enjoy. And they touched on how their wedding video compared with the full documentary video they had another studio produce.

Find out what they said here.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Deo Studios

Bridal Attire: Nawaz Creations

Hair & Makeup Artist: Vi Sekhon

Decor: Sunam Event Services


    Mendhi: Crown Palace Banquet Hall     Wedding: Khalsa Diwan Society Ross Gurdwara

    Reception: Bollywood Banquet Hall