Sonia + Rav's Wedding Video, South Hall, Vancouver

Sonia & Rav's wedding was a fantastic celebration, capped off with a beautiful reception at South Hall Banquet & Wedding Palace in Vancouver, BC.

Sonia is honest. She tells it like it is. And though I personally like that, I can see how sometimes it might rub someone the wrong way. The funny thing is, it's the type of thing that might prevent someone from getting to know her. And that's a shame because beneath that outer layer of in-your-face honesty is this heart of gold.

Unfortunately I didn't get to spend as much time with Rav (or 'Rip' depending on how you know him) or his family because I was tied up filming Sonia's family. But you couldn't meet a nicer guy. Now I don't mean that in an "I don't really have a word to describe this guy so I'll go with 'nice'" kind of way. What I mean is that he's got a great heart. And when he speaks, he means what he says.

I guess that could be why they make such a great couple.

I'm so thankful to have been a part of their wedding, their families, and their lives.

Congratulations to you both.

Key Vendors:

Wedding Videography: Vincent + Theo Studios

Photography: Deo Studios

Bridal Attire

    Ladies' Party: Rani Fashions and Fabrics

    Wedding: Sunny's Bridal Gallery

    Reception: Almari Fashion Gallery

Hair & Makeup Artists Studio 26 by Racquel Lacson

    Ladies' Party: Leah Wendland of Studio 26 by Racquel Lacson

    Wedding: Navi Sandhu of Studio 26 by Racquel Lacson

    Reception: Thuy Denise Dinh of Studio 26 by Racquel Lacson

Decor: White Lotus Decor


    Ladies' Party: Fraserview Banquet Hall

    Wedding: Gurdwara Nanak Niwas

    Reception: South Hall Banquet & Wedding Palace